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Keep This Tips In Mind To Avoid Cyber Crime

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Our Seo Blog, Updated at: September 23, 2017

Posted by Our Seo Blog on Saturday, 23 September 2017

Keep this tips in mind to avoid cyber crime
1. Tips to prevent cyber fraudMany people are turning towards cashless transactions after the notional ban. Mobile and Internet banking are also growing rapidly with plastic cards. But simultaneously, the risk of cyber crime has increased. In this situation, some important tips have been given by cyber famous Expert Wind Duggal, which we are telling you to protect you from Cyber ​​Fraud.

2. Tips to prevent cyber fraud

1. Tips for debit / credit / ATM cards- Do not share cards with anyone and do not give to anyone.

- Swipe cards in front of you while making a payment.

- Take pin yourself

- Keep Limits less.

- Keep SMS alert.

- Complain in writing to the bank on transaction mess

- Check the statement every 3 days.

- Make payments by card only on the https website on the net.

- Do not use the card in the cyber café.

- adopt cyber security.

3. Tips for avoiding cyber fraud

2. Mobile Wallet TipsCarefully select your mobile wallet.
- Read customer reviews of wallet on the rule.

- Download the mobile app from a secure location, such as Play Store.

- Do not share your information.

- Check the transaction every three days.

- Make a complaint to the mobile company in writing.

4. Tips to prevent cyber fraud

3. Tips for Net Banking- Remember the username password.
Use the https website only.

- Avoid Net Banking in Cyber ​​Cafe

- Keep the transaction limit low.

- Keep SMS alert.

- Write a written complaint to the bank upon compromise.

- Complain to the nearest police station or State Police website.
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